Yankee Pot Roast

Written by Ken Cmar .

This week Chef Ken Cmar, longest standing CeL employee, owner of Wonderdrug Records, fisherman, canning enthusiast, and all around great guy shares his thoughts on a ONCE a Week dish loved throughout New England. 

pot-roast-cuisine-en-locale-webThis week's hearty New England fare is Yankee Pot Roast, one of my personal favorites.

According to the Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink, the term "pot roast" in print dates back to 1881. It is an adaption of the classic New England Boiled Dinner, which features cured, or "corned" beef. Unlike it's salty inspiration, pot roast relies on a rich gravy for flavor. 

The debate over whether to cook the traditional root veggie side along with the beef, or to roast them separately is a tricky one. The flavor the veggies absorb while cooking in the gravy sure is nice, but as different vegetables cook at different rates, the texture can be compromised. We've taken the stance of tossing the veggies in some reserved beef fat and butter, some simple herbs, and roasted them separately. This way we can assure they are all cooked perfectly. 

 We suggest reheating your pot roast and veggies slowly in its gravy, serve with our mashed potatoes, and pour that gravy over the whole thing! It’s a Quintessential New England supper, enjoy!

Check out the rest of the menu to see what other delicious dishes we sent out with the pot roast in our meal delivery



"When my wife went back to work three months after having our first child, we found ourselves eating takeout for weekday dinners four or even five times a week. It took a toll on our finances and our mental and physical health. Then we discovered ONCE a Week. Now we eat easy, delicious, interesting, and locally sourced dinners -- and for far less than we were spending on all that takeout. Every Tuesday is like Christmas when we eagerly look to see what we'll be eating that week. Thanks, JJ & Co., for solving weekday dinners for us."


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